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Thanks for all of that! Lots of food for thought. I don't want to go bigger in diameter at all, just narrower. I have lots of research to do. A big factor is cost, though. I can't afford much right now. In fact, I may be buying some used tires to get through the winter until tax time comes and I can buy new ones. But if I can improve my situation at all even with just used tires, it'll be a cheap way to experiment with it.

Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
rykoala -

This is what I did :

My thought process was to go to a larger diameter to make all my gears taller, but the merits of narrower tread has been discussed here as well :

(maybe not *that* narrow)

Your proposed new tire size will also be a little bigger than OEM :

Tire size calculator

Hrmmmmm, I wonder if Prius tires would fit on your Corolla.

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