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User inputs...

I was thinking about ways to make this controller adaptable to a variety of applications - seems like each rig is different based on motor size and battery voltage...

Seems like possible candidates of things to customize might be rise rate (that current rise constant at the beginning of the code) and maybe this 'high end sensitivity' thing recently discussed in Ben's thread. Maybe max current, too.

These could be little pots connected to ADC's (if there are enough available- they could be read once at the beginning) that are adjusted with a small screwdriver (kinda like the curtis), but maybe you have to take the cover off - unless you want to drill access holes and have rubber plugs just like the curtis.

If something like this is added to the next version of the control board, it could allow these throttle response parameters to be customized by the user without swapping micros or using a bootloader...

ReVolt AZ testing thread:
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