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My prototype wheel skirt

Here's a prototype skirt on my car. What do the experts think? I realise that part of the upper half of the wheel is exposed, thereby lessening the effectiveness of the skirt. But i figured it may allow me to permanently fix it to the car and also not have it bulging out wide enough which may increase frontal area. I know, it's a tiny increase but what the heck!
It's made from foam board and i heated the front and rear bits so as they curve with the bodywork. I also flared out the front a little to direct air around the tire. It took the heat of my gas cooker well, once i experimented with some scraps...
It also cut well with a stanley knife. The edges were rounded with a file.
Oh, the duct tape is merely for the picture. I have to make some brackets and a reinforcing rib to go along the straight edge. This may be curved for extra clearance and rigidity.

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