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Daox -

Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Throttle position sensor.

What do you plan on using in addition to the EFIE? Just leaning out the mix will cause a increase in NOx emissions.

To solve the 2ndary O2 sensor you'd need another EFIE hooked up to it to get a consistant leaned out mixture. Maybe you could use the one EFIE to send out signal for both O2 sensors?

There are wideband solutions that do the same thing. Innovate has a simple setup (you need a laptop) for $200, and Zeitronix has one for just a bit more (230-240ish) than that with some very nice datalogging capabilities. Then, you also get the benefit of exactly monitoring your air/fuel ratio once it has left the narrowband sensor's operating range.
I should have gone with a wideband fuel controller form the beginning, but I was a newbie and now I am invested in a lot of "nibbling around the edge" solutions, .

I originally got the EFIE to supplement my hydrogen generator. Right now I am going to leave the second 02 sensor alone.

Here is my current state of affairs with my emissions. This is with a HAI (Hot Air Intake) intake installed :

California Smog Test : 08-15-2007

My car passed with great numbers for HC and CO pollution (below the average !), but the NO went up. I think the HAI is creating a (mild) lean-burn effect. I would guess that my IAT (Input Air Temperature) was 120+ degrees F.

The hydrogen generator is off-line right now. I never saw an MPG gain from it, but I never installed the whole "system" as instructed. The manual calls for modifying the MAP and 02 sensors with potentiometers. I wasn't comfortable to do this at the time, but now I have the EFIE installed. Here is my master plan for world domination, :

Hydrogen Generator +
External temp sensor glued to outside of Hydrogen Generator +
NOx sensor (at a later date)

The idea would be :

1 - Go lean with the EFIE
2 - Use the output of the hydrogen generator to lower NOx

I don't think I can prove any of this without a real-time NOx sensor, so maybe it's all pie in the sky. But I still want to try.

The NOx sensors are "in the works" for clean diesel applications :

My Kingdom for a NOx Sensor


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