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Originally Posted by greasemonkee View Post
Finally the day has come. The Integra is together and running after a mild restoration and a few custom eco mods. I've moved the car over to the next bay to torque the suspension and it looks like the system is going to be a success. At light load the throttle has no more springback than the return spring, but when I load the engine especially when loaded heavy from a dead stop it really gets some resistance and is quite noticeable that it's pushing against you. I'm going to turn the sensitivity up to the max and see what happens soon. I think this will be a winner. Oddly enough, popularity among the device seems to be that of a black sheep among economy modifications. Go figure. Nevertheless, I'm quite tickled with the final product, from an idea conceived in the middle of the night.
Major Kudos's to getting to the final product. I still think its a great idea.

I know with my own car it would be nice to have a product like this, because its so easy for me while driving in town to get carried away with the gas pedal. I have to many other things on my mind when driving and because of this my make a terrible eco driver sometimes. LOL
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