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Originally Posted by racprops View Post
A friend has redrawn that drawing and corrected a couple of the mistakes...

I am waiting premission to post his updated drawing.

Note there ARE mistakes in the drawing...

He is also going to breadboard a test model and see it it can be made to work.

More when it is done.

On a personal note with the MPGunio doing a better job on FI injected cars, these old units are really better used on cars with carbs, so if the MPGonio works as I beleive it will, I maybe offering my four Zemco Units to those with a greater need for them.

As I can not think of any way of making a MPGunio work on aolder car, even with a add on VSS driver, I can think no flow meter will give the pulase wirth that a injector will, and if I understand the current set up thus the MPGunio will not read MPG with a flow meter count..??

What about the changes in the diagram ??


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