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Hi Alvin! I'm not sure about the cause of the amps being around 200. I think it's related to Joe's code which was intended to be run at 144v. I'm going to mail you a new chip with current proportional to throttle. Assuming your batteries can take it, it will increase the PWM duty to whatever it needs to be so that it will use 0 amps at 0 throttle, and about 505 amps at 100% throttle. You will need to twist the little variable resistor that's on the control board a bit clockwise to keep the hardware overcurrent protection from coming on. How much???!!! Let's figure this out right now... Fully counterclockwise means about 490 amps for the hardware overcurrent to come on. Fully clockwise means about 775 amps. Twist it so that you get to around 550 or so. That would be about 60/285 of the full range of motion. So don't turn it toooooo far, but it probably wouldn't matter. hehe
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