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Originally Posted by vpoppv View Post
Ok, so I just went to the middle school where I work, so I know that my $7 batteries have enough ooomph to give me the range I need!!! Yeah!! Oh, and also I was right about the whole clutch thing: I can upshift, downshift, whatever I feel like, but I COULDN'T when it had the ICE in it; apparently, synchos are not needed for electric cars.....
Whoa, whoa, WHOA!

Minor correction here:

The synchronizers are still in use!

What you're actually seeing here is that they have alot less mass to accelerate/decelerate.

Weigh the entire rotating assembly, including the clutch/flywheel/pressure plate of the engine (which also produces an opposing force, mind you), versus the armature inside the e-motor. Oh yeah, the synchros can accelerate that little bit of mass with nearly no frictional losses and almost no lever distance very easily.

Basically, try to spin the OEM motor over with your thumb and forefinger on the crank snout. Now do it with an E-motor. Now, you see why you "don't need those synchronizers", right?
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