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Did you adjust/inspect/generally play with the clutch or mechanism?

If not, I stand by my previous statement. The reason it wouldn't go into gear is because the synchronizers were working with the ICE. They're a buffer to prevent grinding, and they won't allow gear changes with severely unmatched speeds.

What I would guess was happening is the same thing that happened in my first Civic after putting the Stage 4 solid ceramic 3 puck clutch in - I couldn't get into first gear without shutting down the engine. I ended up having to pull the entire clutch assembly back out and shim the release bearing, as I couldn't get enough adjustment in the mechanism to actually release the clutch fully.

Before I ended up pulling the transmission and shimming the release bearing, I would start off by half-dumping in 2nd gear, then clutching, reverting to first gear while holding around 2k RPM, and then dumping the clutch again. It was basically the only way I could move the car without bogging, since solid clutches are just that - they're either engaged or not, there isn't really a middle ground.
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