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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
It's confusing to me, because in the sense that I'm familiar with, synchros, when "dead", will allow grinding in the gears, but won't stop you from getting to them eventually when the speeds match up.
Hey, I STILL don't understand how synchros work, no matter HOW many people explain them to me, or how many pictures I look at! I wouldn't be caught dead rebuilding a transmission! That's why I have two spares in my tool shed!
Well, the problem here is that electric conversions are still relatively uncommon. I had a feeling that my transmission would work OK again when I converted it to electric based on the experiences that some other converters had with their setups. An example of this is a gentleman who had a Saturn he converted was on the boards asking how to downshift from 3rd to 2nd. He described the exact same problem that I faced in my car with the ICE. And then I said to myself "AHA! that sounds familiar!". In the end, there really isn't a way to be sure of anything until you go out and do it! I'm just glad I didn't convince myself to stop my conversion for fear that I'd be unable to shift. I highly value your opinion, so please don't hold back comments you might have.
And now for something completely different:

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