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By the other thread, you mean the one about the perforated vinyl film?

Apples and oranges, Chris.

Adam and Jamie ran each test 5 times through for each variable, took measurements, using a reproducible method. They did take care to try and control other factors to isolate the effect they were looking for:

- Separate fueling systems for the measured interval
- Measuring/weighing the alternate fuel supply to determine consumption
- Only measuring the above at a constant, uniform speed each run
- Measuring across the same length of road for all runs

What was elided from the show, that may show any major or minor variations:
- Actual run data not published for all to see (sure looked like they recorded it, though)
- It's not known what the weather/wind speed and direction were, and if that fluctated, which could perturb testing runs

Atop that, they ran through models to see if there was an effect appreciable enough to bother testing full scale.

What are you actually trying to poke holes in, with what they presented?
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