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I hit the 1000 mile mark the other day! I've been testing this controller since July and have since racked up just over 1000 miles. We've had a lot of software revisions (and I'm very pleased with the latest version), but the hardware has definitely held up.

The one glitch was with the current sensor connector while I was installing the extra diodes to the bottom of the control board. When I got the controller all back together, the current would just rise uncontrollably (way beyond the 500A limit if I let it). Somehow, the connector was damaged and the signal wasn't reaching the control board and the code I had just thought there were 0 amps, so it kept on increasing PWM. Now, the new code constantly checks to make sure the current sensor is connected and it'll shut down if it detects otherwise.

So, if anyone is writing their own software, I'd suggest including such a feature as well.

Someone else asked some questions about how the power board looks after a lot of use. I didn't take the controller completely out of the car when adding those diodes, so I didn't get an excellent look, but everything looked as good as new, from what I could tell.
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