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Originally Posted by JasonG View Post
And tell us again how hauling a few hundred lbs (about 2 passengers worth) in an enclosed vehicle would have any effect on your mileage over 140 mi @ 70 MPH ????

Maybe if now you go "Well I forgot to mention it was all stop and go back roads"
Like frank lee said, you cant take the good and dump the bad. Heck I'd love to dump all my hauling tanks so would some others that use open trucks / trailers for work but we don't.
It's kind of like the thread about deflating your EPA #s to make your percentages seem bigger .........
To be honest, I can do what I want with it. It's for my benefit, not yours.

Frankly, I remove the tanks that have a large amount of hauling things, because as I said before, they don't represent the average, or even the norm.

That bike weighs nearly 800 lbs in full trim. It probably weighs at least 600 the way it sits right now. You must have some fat friends.

Also, I wouldn't "go" anything with quotes.

Carlos - that's not the fuel tank, either. The tank is under the seat:

...Fuel pump, a motorcycle first. What appeared to be a fuel tank was actually the electronics bay and radiator overflow. The real fuel tank was placed under the seat.
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