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Originally Posted by tasdrouille View Post

Here, I'd say most people do not have the same relation with "freedom" some people in the states seem to have. In fact I'd say that from most of the rights the Framers gave you. We feel we have all the rights we need to the extend we accept as a society, and we make individual sacrifices for the greater good of the society.

This is mostly true, although I think most Americans would argue that the Framers did not "give" us rights. The U.S. Constitution assumes that power and rights reside in the people, and certain powers have been granted to the government. If memory serves, the various British North America Acts/Constitution Act begin with the assumption that power originates in the crown, and that powers and rights are granted thereby to the Provinces and the people. That is a big philosophical difference.

Which isn't to bash the Canadian system of government - obviously it works - but I think it is also why Americans, as a whole, are generally less compromising on the trade off of individual rights vs collective safety than Canadians are.
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