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Originally Posted by aspera View Post
That would be quite a few now that I think about it. Most hotrodding mods are efficiency mods, after all. Any mod that helps me corner at higher g's saves fuel, too. So plenty.

Since the posted speed limit on a highway is a constant (depending on the state), does this forum measure what cars are most fuel efficient at that average speed? That would seem to be a better measurement than outright fuel efficiency because you could even get a Hummer to get great MPG if you drive slow enough and change the tires.
"Most hot rodding mods are efficiency mods"

Kind of skirting around the issue of economy. Most hot rodding mods are merely getting more air and fuel into the same displacement which does nothing for fuel efficiency.

My Echo at 108 horsepower has averaged 50 MPG for 5k miles.

The same 1.5 liter displacement in a 1950 Alfa grand prix engine produced 390horsepower and got 2 MPG racing.

My Insight has averaged 65 MPG for the last 17,000 miles.

Are you saying the Alfa engine would get better mileage than my Echo?

Your comparison seems to determine efficiency by HP per cubic inch.

Our definition (in this forum) is best BSFC map.

In fact most performance mods and most engines designed for performance sacrifice efficiency (measured by mileage) for power.

Compare the mileage of a stock Honda Civic with the same year model SI version. That's a pretty good side by side comparison of power and economy.

Now when you separate the term efficiency from economy you get the real differences in "hot rod mods" and "fuel economy mods".

I want a longer stroke, lower differential ratio, taller gear ratios, and better aero and lower rolling resistance tires. You could argue the aero aspect, but in my definition aero includes modifications that would result in overheating if I drove my car at maximum speeds. In Indy cars the downforce is so great they could drive on the roof of a tunnel at speed. That is not efficient.

None of these have anything to do with performance. In fact they are the opposite of what a performance driver wants for his car.

I generally drive the speed limit or less.

Do you think I should drive over the speed limit because you wish to drive that way. That's why most major arteries have two lanes or more, and why I tend to stay in the right lane. You can pass me anytime you want. I will pass you at the gas pump, and at the ATM where you have to withdraw the funds to pay for your high speed addiction.

Been there done that. I have buried speedometers in many cars for many miles. Today in Virginia, if you do that you can loose your car. I have outrun cops. Today in Virginia, if you do that you are most likely going to jail, and loosing your car.

So consider this when you blast buy a grey haired old man driving slowly in the right lane.

He might be a better driver than you ever dreamed of being.
He might understand the physics of efficiency and economy to a level you may never obtain.
He might also have a better understanding of the cost and consequences of driving at high speeds.
He probably has a lot more money in the bank.
he is still alive, while you may not make it to that age.

My apologies if this seems harsh, but remember I have been there and enjoyed the time I drove like a maniac.

I just have absolutely no desire to play that game anymore.

In fact you will probably never seem me on the road, since I generally travel the secondary roads and enjoy the scenery, instead of pretending I am in a NASCAR race on a public freeway.


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