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Originally Posted by damo View Post
Simply disconnect the torque sensor from the steering rack. It doesn't save as much energy as a hydraulic system, since it only gives full assistance at low speeds.
That's interesting, thanks. I can't believe it needs much assistance at low speeds anyway with that little weight over the front. If a manual rack is good enough for an Elise, it's good enough for a Roadie!

Thanks for the pics. It's funny actually, even before I saw the Merc badge in that shot I thought "hmm, looks a lot more Mercedes-like"... I think I still prefer the styling as it is, but I can certainly see how light covers would offer aerodynamic benefits.

Think the steel rims are 120 + vat. I've seen some come up on e-bay, but it's quite expensive to get them over to N.Ireland from england!
Yeah, that's not a bad price but I can imagine it going up a bit to ship them.

Yes, front end grip is unreal. Also since there's no engine in the front, the direction change is very quick!
It seems then that you wouldn't lose too much by going to thinner tyres. It'd probably make the steering even sweeter.
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