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This blogger reports from SEMA..... My comments in italics

Truth with Speedzzter (including commentary on Ford Motor Co.)

LAS VEGAS -- At the 2009 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, released more details about its revolutionary 110 m.p.g. electric hybrid V8 Ford Mustang. Doug Pelmear’s innovative 4.8 liter V8 engine uses electronically-managed variable displacement and an integrated pulsed electric motor to vary output for conditions and power demand. The naturally-aspirated HP2g engine can produce as much as 400 horsepower and 500 lbs/ft of torque during acceleration and as little as 15 horsepower during part throttle cruise conditions. The engine is computer managed.

The revolution in HP2g’s powerplant is three-fold. First, according to HP2g’s press release, “[T]he HP2g E-85 fueled engine can transition from running on all eight cylinders down to firing on just one.” Unlike conventional variable displacement systems now in production, the HP2g’s engine rotates the single active cylinder among the eight using a proprietary process.

Love to see everyone's comments on that, and below as well

Second, HP2g reportedly has integrated a unique electric motor which operates “on a pulse basis, instead of what is called full saturation.” HP2g uses rapid electric cycling to conserve electric energy. The integrated motor also reportedly employs regenerative braking. The battery pack for the pulsed electric motor is reportedly two racing spiral core gel batteries.

wouldn't that be 24 volts? Far from what's needed to supply much power assist, right?

Third, HP2g has discovered “added efficiencies because of tight tolerances and sturdy design.”

Cool, that might give another what, 3-5% gains?
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