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And speaking of restorations, The Lion's Gate is looking very nice after it's long re-fit. They replaced the whole deck piece by piece by hoisting new sections from a barge below at night and managed to keep it open during the day for the entire re-fit. They added a wide pedestrian and bicycle path on both sides.

If you haven't seen the park after the infamous wind storms, be prepared for a big shock.

I test drove a gen 1 Prius when they first came out and can draw a cause/effect line from that experience to building the ForkenSwift. I got a wicked EV grin the first time that gas engine shut down and I was coaxing it along quietly under electric power.
And your ForkenSwift project lead me to Ecomodder and the rest is history. (Well, as long as google caches it anyhow)

Funny thing is, I still have not driven a Prius, just rode in a Prius taxi to the airport. Full throttle down Granville street at 100kph. I was impressed and terrified at the same time.
Vortex generators are old tech. My new and improved vortex alternators are unstoppable.

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