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Thumbs up Making ur old gearbox and diff more silent.

Dear Hypermilers
I have been experimenting with adding common bathroom silicone sealant to various chemicals,so I tried mixing it with engine oil and was really surprised to find out that they mix very well,then I left the mixture in the open to see if the silicone would gel,surprisingly the mixture did not gel or seperate after 2 months..
My old renault has a really whiny third gear and leaks like a seive.So I mixed one whole clear silicone sealant with two liters of gearbox oil 90w and put it into the gearbox and noticed that the third gear became silent.I went on a 500 km trip with no problems.
I also have a bus with a really noisy diff and I just injected the whole silicone sealant thru the oil hole and the diff became smooth and silent.
I got this idea from reading about some unethical people adding sawdust to make transmissions and diffs silent.Iam not sure this would work on an automatic transmission though.
cheers jarre

why do I write these things u ask? well tough times need tough solutions

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