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pstrbrc, I am free, free to point out your personal attacks are taken as a sign that I have struck a nerve. Do you think personal sacrifice and responsibility is someone elses job? Too much talk about personal rights and nothing of personal responsibility, but without the latter the former is untenable, IMHO. I don't like nannys any more than ignoramuses. But most would agree we use/consume way more than we need already (except those with something to sell to consumers or stock in said same).

If I think an activity is ultimately wasteful (in resources and human lives) am I not free to say that without being attacked personally? Am I not free to appreciate the efforts of our current and past armed forces and pressure my peers to think about something other than themselves?

Casey, my point is that it takes more energy to go faster, basic physics. This fact can be obscured by technical implementation details of a particular car, but with a properly sized engine and gearing lower mph = better mpg. A 318 can cruise at above 40mpg on the hiway, if there aren't loudmouth jerks trying to run you off the road complaining about how you are violating their right to speed wherever and whenever they want.
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