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Dear members: I'm building an electric Sterling. I don't know if I can read the last 100 pgs. I saw a page about the 10k pulldown resistor. I guess you all know that a Mosfet has a very large gate charge, and requires a high current source pulldown to turn off quickly. I called the Warp motor engineer. He said the only two ways people have destroyed their motors was road salt (begs for a belly pan) and overspeed. I'm designing a "body"control board. One feature is 2 microswitches to detect the shifter (VW) in neutral, and prohibit the controller. Who's going to overspeed in one second, in gear? So I think this would save a speed sensor! Also, don't know if this has been covered but a pot module that converts longitudinal motion to rotational, has a transfer function of a parabola, which means very little movement of the pedal (when just cracking the throttle)makes a large rotational change. Is anyone interested in a linear function? Can I download the controller schematic? I designed a controller for a R2D2 robot I built, and I used 20 Hz. The Ford window lift motors did not cog. Curtiss drops to 1.5 Kz to allow small power with less switching loss. But you can use 20 Hz, with very low loss, and less counter EMF energy for the free-wheeling diodes to transfer back into the traction batteries. No "singing" either. Video available of the R2D2 or the chassis I'm arc-welding up. I am a circuit designer. I would be happy to have technical discussions by phone: 631-474-1403. Kindest regards to all, williamson
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