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dcb's idea is pretty inspired. I like! You may even be able to save on insurance / registration if you're not driving the 4x on public roads.

I also agree (and you likely already know) that if you do end up driving the 4x4 to/from, aero should be the focus (moreso than weight).

Originally Posted by bondvagabond View Post
I built an xfi with a full spandex boat tail stinger out the back like they put on recumbent bicycles now
Pictures? I'd love to see pictures.

For 100 bucks I can put what's called a spool in the back, it essentially locks the rear differential all the time, I can't say good enough things about them off road, my question for the engineering types out there is, what do they do to mostly strait hwy mpg's?
In a straight line, my understanding of these things is there would be zero difference in drag. But we never really drive in a straight line for very long. So you're bound to see some added drag. Can't comment on how much.

stock is 10 gal, poly is 15 gal, does the decrease in stops and starts for gas counter act the extra weight of the 5 gal of fuel, or should I keep it less than full except when venturing far off the beaten path?
One EM member, palemelanesian, keeps meticulous records and has documented the MPG penalty in his car (90's Civic sedan) of a full vs. closer-to-empty fuel tank. Weight is weight... less is better.

led lights to draw less from the alternator? haven't looked at the numbers, just brainstorming here. more waterproof though too.
FYI: ... has some power draw comparisons.

Pictures of that XFi tail, please!
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