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Originally Posted by s2man View Post
Somebody around here modded his CC to limit the amount it can open the throttle. All else works as OEM. Downhill and level driving are normal, but it allows the car to slow on the uphills.
That would be me. I have the CC limited at 21% TPS, which allows for approximately 60 mph or slower (depending on wind resistance) on flat roads or downhill with no wind, and a slight slow-down uphill or "load into wind". It's for those trips where you're tired or can't focus on driving with load.

At the CC control box, I rigged up a hex wrench to limit the travel of the cog that pulls on the throttle cable. With the proper-sized wrench wedged in there and secured, it allowed a max TPS of my choosing. For the utmost in safety, there is virtually no possibility of the throttle getting stuck -- it's only a single-direction limiter.

Drawbacks: the CC usually freaks out and cancels itself on most engagements. It just requires the CC on-off button to be cycled and a retry of the "set" function (and then it takes it). 90% of the time it will hold without it getting upset about it and cancelling. Also, if another driver attempts to use it, they get a surprise. Otherwise it works fairly well...

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