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Ok, I'm trying to get a good feel for where we are with this motor controller,
So what are the things that are missing from this motor controller(or improvements that people would suggest)?

pre-charge resistor/control (already suggested)
contactor control (already suggested)
BMS input into controller (not sure if this was suggested or not)
higher amperages using igbts

The bms could send a signal to the motor controller, to reduce throttle, when cells are being drawn too low - this is more important for lithiums, but it could also serve as a good low voltage cutoff in order to avoid damage to 12v batteries.

I'm super excited on Paul and the gang's developments on this (and also the 3phase ac project). I'm trying to decide which direction to go, I def want an electric car in the near future. I currently ride an electric bike as my main form of transport, but sometimes its just not practical.

Do we have any full acceleration times or videos? most of the vids i've seen so far are driving fairly sedately, it woudl be good to give us all a feel for the maximum performance out of the controller - esp if its good, it could really help the popularity / amount of technically mided people participating in these two projects.

Keep up the great work everyone!
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