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Originally Posted by Torontocity View Post
Well...i had the choice between the Turbo 300SD and non Turbo 300D...I went with the Turbo...It Pulls Good...........
the OM617, the one with turbo makes 150hp @ nearly 5k! kkk makes a k26 turbo which is next size larger direct bolt on with integrated wastegate. the factory turbo was a bit too small therefore the high rpms required to make any power.
if you ever do any work on it port the head and look for an intake manifold off
another benz i can look up if you are interested.
intercool and consider water injection to manage your egts now that you are dragging around another 2-4k Lbs with 2x the CD to boot.

once you get it tuned you can expect some interesting MPG!

the 700t is it 4 or 5 speed, you made the adapter from scratch?
what did you do for a flywheel/clutch? do you have any pictures?

i have been wanting to do this to a early 70's f-350....
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