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Originally Posted by tjts1 View Post
Good riddance. Chrysler builds some real honest to goodness carbage.
Just went to and realized that nothing interesting is going on there. There is nothing there that I would but unless it was less than half off. Maybe a nicely equipped 300 for somewhere around $9000, that is if I had money. I can't believe that they still have the PT Cruiser, not even updated since it came out. I mean it has been at least 7to 8 years the same model has been out.

Now does this news include Dodge and Jeep? Because I have got to admit that Jeep has some nice new models, but I guess people are realizing that their wallets will hurt at the gas pumps with new Jeep payments + buying liquid gold at the pumps.

Dodge has some nice models also (Nitro, Ram trucks, CHALLENGER, Magnum). New car sales are supposed to be the lowest since the past 10 years so this probably won't be the beginning of the cuts.

Overall: If in the new car market, I don't see why people would be attracted to Chrysler unless there are major rebates/price breaks.

They used to have the Minivan market on lockdown, but not anymore IMO.

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