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Christopher Jordan's TerraTrike is a tadpole (that's two wheels in front) trike that is predominantly powered by pedaling. His has an add-on electric motor. No registration as a motor vehicle is necessary, same as if you were to add an engine to a conventional bicycle.

Which, by the way, is a perfectly good option for you, igo. How much distance are you trying to cover? What kind of speed are you trying to keep up with?

A bike w/ engine can do what no scooter can: turn the engine off and go on the greenway paths, up on the sidewalk, cut across the University Quad, whatever. It is completely below the radar when the engine is off.

If you want to be way stylin', go check out the reintroduced Whizzer. It evokes the style of the original engine, the displacement is, for a bike engine, gigantic, and whatever engine you choose, all the hills are yours to ascend with an engine to give you a push.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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