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Other hybrid ideas could include using a 4-wheel drive vehicle with the original engine going to two wheels, and an electric motor added to the other.
That would be a "thru-the-road" hybrid.

Another variation would be a rear-wheel drive vehicle with the drive-shaft modified for an electric motor to be put in-line with it.
NetGain (NetGain Motors, Inc. Home) has a system like this designed for automatic transmission pickup trucks, which uses an electronic box connected to the OBD2 for controlling the throttle.

If the same idea was applied to a manual transmission S10 or Ranger, it could be a very efficient vehicle. I am not sure what the best was of controlling the throttle would be though.

One that I have thought about for a while would be something like a 4x4 Geo Tracker. It has a reasonably small engine for good fuel economy. The motor would be hooked to the other two wheels opposite of the engine powered ones.

I don't know what all the details would be for actually attaching the motor (I'm not much of a 4-wheel guy...) but it could be a cool little vehicle.
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