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If your ecometer displays a different average MPG value than your calculated value, you can fine tune the ecometer to match the condition of your vehicle by following these steps:

1) Unplug the ecometer plug from your vehicle's OBD port.

2) While pressing down the left button on the ecometer, push the ecometer plug back into the OBD port on your vehicle.

3) The display will show DSP or EFF depending on the type of sensor the vehicle has.

4) If the display shows EFF proceed to step 6. If DSP is on the display, presss the right button once, the current engine displacement (in liters) should be displayed.

5) Press the left button once.

6) The display will show EFF.

7) Push the right button again and the display will change to a value. The ecometer comes pre-programmed from the factory at 100.

8) If the ecometer is calculating too low of a MPG value, push the right button and hold to increase the value to read between 100 and 140. After you have selected the new vehicle efficiency value, press the left button which will save this value and return to operating mode.

9) If the ecometer is calculating too high of a MPG value, push the right button and hold until the display shows a value between 60 and 100. The display will first move from 100 to 140 and then start increasing.

10) Re-run the verification procedure (gas-tank fillup and MPG calculation).

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