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Originally Posted by Alex99 View Post
Hi Marty,
Unfortunately the high cost of an electric waterpump for the LS1 is holding me back to purchase one.
I use 2 x5 Watt flexible solar panels in the back to charge the 12V battery while the car is parked.
Since I have other intrumentation onboard (Wideband O2 sensor, datalogger etc.) I tend to use more electricity than stock. In addition to that I drive mostly short distances so the battery gets weak after a while. I just installed them temporarily to see if they have an impact or not.

Another thing that I have done is to enable torque converter lockup in 3rd gear. Since you have a manual, this doesn't apply to your car.
So far I would say the underbody covers have improved mileage the most. Another big help is the engine block and transmission heater.

I'm also looking into converting to LED lights for the DRL and signal lights as well as the rear and brake lights.
According to some old GM article that I read on the C5 ,the DRLs alone account for .25mpg.

I have also raised the tire pressure to about 40 psi. This seems to help also, although the ride gets a little rough sometimes.
I hope in January I will have my new cam delivered and then install the new -25% underdrive pulley that I have laying around.
If I come by a cheap electric waterpump by then I will install this too.
I read an another forum that one guy gained 4 mpg from pulley and waterpump.

What are your plans for your C5?
Hey Alex

My plans right now for the C5 are to add aerodynamic tweeks first..
vortex gen. carbon fiber wing, venturi and underbody smooth panels

Ive also replaced the front headlights with projectors..
Weight savings of 40LBS
I will replace the power seats with lightweight racing seats..will be another 40 plus LBS.

I want and need to learn more about the power savings and fuel econmony saving when converting pull driven accesories to electric..
Hoping you can help me with that!

If your interested in LEDS register for and contact the member Radioflyer. He has already done many DRL conversions to LED(Audi style) and they look quite nice. Its also just a great place to ask questions and get answers. My contact name there is supersupereight.
Also you may want to contact JWMotoring on corvetteforum. He has the nicest rear LED halo lights. One of my next mods.

Also was wondering if you can help me understand what the wideband O2 sensor does and how it helps and how I would go about replacing the OEM sensor.

The solar panels sound great..It would benefit me greatly since I only drive the car April thru Nov. Any info on those. Where you got it, Specs, Install etc.

Im not to sure about raising you tire PSI..Ive always understood that this makes the tire ride more on the center are can cause premature wear of the center of the tire tread while the outer edges remain good. Could be costly considering how much replacement tires cost.

Lastly..I bought a battery tender..that I plug in every night. Its intelligent so it charges the battery when needed or sits in wait mode until charging is necessary. I payed about $ 26.00 at Autozone for a Schumaker brand unit. Ive learned from corvetteforum members that the Vette is notorious for eating battery power while parked.

Happy Holidays
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