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Welcome !
We're all jealous. What an awesome car to own !
In case no one mentioned it already, those wheels on your car look fantastic, but act like blenders to the wind.

If you replaced the wheels with a extra set of wheels that had moon style covers, it would be simple to put the stock ones back on. Just keep them in the garage for when you want more 'show' than 'low' ( drag ).
Mooneye style wheels on a Corvette might actually not turn as many stomachs as they do on our cars, since a lot of guys use them when they run at Bonneville.
You might actually get some thumbs up from other drivers.

As far as VG and wing for your car, they would be useless, since you most likely have attached flow all the way to the rear of the car. Vortex generators are meant to re-attach flow that usually happens on boxy shaped cars after the airflow goes turbulent.

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