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Can you tell if it's a floodie or an AGM? I've seen it referred to as an AGM in a Toyota manual but seen people check their own and find a OEM floodie.

Check carefully with raking light on the battery top to see if you can see the edges of the rectangular cap that covers the fill holes. You could try with your fingernail or a flat head screwdriver to find the seam of the cap. Then you could just cut the label along the edge instead of trying to peel it off. The cap should pop off with a bit of gentle prying with the screw driver. if not there may be some hidden clips or something and the label will have to be peeled.

Electric Lawn mowers to the rescue!

The battery keeps your computer's collected data alive. Fuel trim and other learned data for the control computers are stored in the chips. Not the end of the world if they are lost but your FE might suffer while the computer re-learns the data.

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