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Wow - check the posting dates. I haven't been looking at this thread since LAST winter!

What I ended up doing for heat last winter was to just put a 1500 watt oil-filled radiator in the back seat. I set it on a timer to turn it on in the morning, running off a 120v extension cord.

The cord went out through the window, which was rolled up as far as it could go, while still letting the extension cord through.

That would allow moisture to escape (help keep fogging down!) but kept most of the heat in.

I would hop in, unplug the heater, and drive.
The radiator would stay warm for about 10 minutes or so, just from its existing heated mineral oil.

I have also found that my front defroster works great - Blowing cold air over the windshield helps defog just fine. However, my wife doesn't like the cold air blowing all over her! (I don't care for it much myself either!)

The car has no rear electric defroster. I think the car may have originally came from down south somewhere.

Last weekend, some of the EV buddies were working on installing ceramic heaters in place of their heater cores. Looked like a lot of work to do that.

What WOULD be great about a ceramic heater in place of the original heater core is that it would look stock, and offers the POTENTIAL of pre-heating.

If a car is using a 120V battery pack, there's no reason why a 120V AC heater element couldn't be hooked up in the car and designed to run off either wall power OR the batteries.

When hooked up to wall power, it could use a timer/thermostat to turn on the heat and warm up the car at an appropriate time. (It would have to turn on a fan as well) I would leave the controls set to blow air over the windshield for a "pre-defrost"

This would be a GREAT system for anyone who lives in the cold and could plug-in at work.
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