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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
I have a 1982 VW Rabbit Diesel non turbo that is for sale, it needs a front wheel bearing ($100) and brakes all around ($150), but has a solid body, and good engine, it could have a turbo added, altho it would need a different injector pump with a turbo, was bought new by my grandparents and was taken in for service by the dealer any time the mpg droped below 50mpg.
VW didn't start useing turbos untill 1984, and I don't think it was standard untill I think the early 1990's.
Actually, these engines will take a later indirect injection 1.6L turbo exhaust manifold, turbo and intake manifold directly from an '84 or later TD Jetta or Rabbit/Golf. To get the most out of the turbo you would need to swap in a turbo injector pump, but turning up the fuel quantity on the NA pump will get you a 5 or 6 more ponies. As it is, the turbo itself can give you a nice little performance and FE boost. The added air under boost gives more 'working fluid' inside the combustion chamber, making the engine a little more volumetrically efficient. There a nice VW Indirect Injection Diesel Forum, where that and many other early VW diesel topics are discussed.
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