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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
The IGBTs don't parallel so well IIRC, they allow more amps as they heat up so the hottest one gets hotter and eventually need their magic smoke replaced. Mosfets do the opposite and are better suited for paralleling, so brick IGBTs for EVs it sounds like.

Edit, it was discussed about 2300 posts back
Some IGBTs can be directly paralleled and some cannot. Check the datasheet. In general, Non-Punch Through (NPT) can be directly paralleled and Punch Through (PT) cannot.
In either case, it might be possible to use a bundle of wires instead of one large one so the wire resistances would tend to equalize the currents. Note that diodes generally cannot be directly paralleled, so it's a good idea to use a bundle even if you're using MOSFETs or IGBTs that can be directly paralleled.
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