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Prius fatalities per 100 million miles is less than half of the national average!

That's good news. That should be in the title or tags somehow. Google likes Ecomodder. Would help spread the news

Nice work, Bob.

I popped over to your page on the subject. Excellent analysis. The kind of sloppy work done by "Quality Planning" and their ilk is just all too common. "Journalists" rarely have the sense to check these kinds of "studies" out or have them checked out by an expert before sending them out into the TVs of the vast unquestioning herds. By the time the errors are found it's too late.

There's a new "study" out by Tim Hortons claiming that drive throughs are less polluting than park and serve restaurants. Another sloppy bit of work that is very misleading. Have you seen it?

Thread here:
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