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S10 radiator fan changes?

Does anyone have first-hand experience with removing or disabling a belt-driven radiator fan?

My 4 cylinder 5 speed manual Chevy S10 truck is only getting about 24 mpg.

I put a can of Seafoam through the gas tank and have a new fuel filter, but need to let the penetrating oil work on the rusty fuel lines before installing it.

My tires are pumped to 45 psi and my radio antenae is removed because the radio doesn't work anyhow.

I noticed that the serpertine belt is pretty worn and should be replaced soon. That belt runs the water pump, fan, power steering, radiator fan, and alternator.

If I am replacing the belt anyways, can someone suggest what I might want to get off it to improve fuel economy?

It seems like the radiator fan shouldn't be that hard to remove. I have also heard of removing or "turning off" the alternator.

Any tips for the power steering?

Please help me get started with the easy things first here, I would really like to hit 30 mpg with this truck.

I do have a new air filter in there. I haven't looked at the spark plugs yet. Would new plugs and wires help with fuel economy?

I bought this truck in January and really haven't worked on it yet at all.

If I can get the fuel economy on it up, then I can sell my beater Dodge Shadow and drive the electric Metro on short trips and the S10 for longer hauls.


PS - I would eventually like to do a lightweigt "aerocap" for the truck as well.

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