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Originally Posted by Domman56 View Post
24MPG isn't really all that great idk why Anyone has that hard a time believing it i know lots of 80's GM sedans that can get over 20 MPG on the freeway it's not great in the city but when you're put putting along at 65 with a 2 barrel it doesn't use much gas
Yeah, but you've got aerodynamics and weight against you, and many of us have experience with those same vehicles as well.

I didn't say it wasn't believable, but given the context of all your posts to date that I've read, I just figured that it, too, was only happening in your head. (Although I didn't say it in text.)

Of course, I can't say it and mean it, because I don't know. I haven't tested the idea, I don't have scientific data, and I can't provide any evidence to prove one way or the other whether you're actually getting that FE or not, therefore, any argument I would make to either direction would be simply conjecture, meaningless drivel of words on a screen. (Get the idea yet?)

Remember, personal impressions are just that - Personal. Let's keep personal data labeled as such, and try to back up our claims with data from now on? (Unless you're qualifying your claims with an identifier that makes it known that it's only personal opinion, and no controlled testing has been done to attempt to show otherwise.)
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