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Originally Posted by solarguy View Post
My back of the napkin calcs suggested that a 20 hp diesel could push a reverse trike streamliner along at 70mph all day long with an efficient transmission. So, for a non-freeway vehicle, you should be fine. I'd prefer a 250 cc, but in diesel.

Can't wait to see the non-lossy CV tranny design. Lots and lots and lots of folks have taken a stab at that and never quite hit it. By the way, what would be wrong with patenting it and making just a decent living of the licenses?

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Well, I'm not saying it won't be lossy, but I expect efficiency on par with current manual transmissions, at least. So that would mean 90% or better power transfer efficiency.

I'm still working on how to keep it lubricated without an oil bath, and limiting the number of friction parts. That's about all I can say on it right now, though.

Once I work out all the other issues I'm having in my life, I'll go back to the table with it, and work on getting a prototype built.

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