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Originally Posted by alohaspirit View Post
you got a great write up going

hopefully you got those visors cheap
(i looked into them for my ride and they were pricey)
spoon mirrors are always bad ass too

i think i like the plug for the block heater the most tho

(i want one even tho i have nothing to plug in)
I did get the visors cheap, in fact for free...they were a birthday gift But yes the weathertech stuff is not cheap, but the quality is worth the price as well as the customer service.
I had the passenger side fall off on a trip by some freak act of nature. Sent them an email the next day asking if there was anything that could be done or if I could purchase just the passenger side. One hour after I sent the email I recieved and email stating that the passenger side was being shipped out today and had a tracking number already at no cost to me. the part arrived just 16 hours after me sending the initial email! So Weathertech gets two thumbs up from me.

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
What kind of plug did you use there?
Marinco recessed plug is what I used, and the link is for the cheapest I could find it shipped.
Originally Posted by Oval_Overload View Post
Make sure the contacts stay dry! After 3 years of use, the plug on a customer's delivery truck corroded and the rust dribbled across the contacts. The car still worked, but plugging it in unbalanced the electrical system in half our building.

The plug is protected from getting splashed by the OEM splash shield in the wheel well as well as it has a rubber boot that fits real snug over the wires in the rear and the back of the plug itself. I also put a dab of black RTV to completely seal up the wires in the back.

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