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First I want to thank you for this work. It is grassroots efforts like yours, AutoBeYours and other independent shops that we develop a sensible, sane, USA capacity to keep these vehicles running.

Originally Posted by hybriddriveguy View Post
. . .
We will make these available on our website soon at Remanufactured Hybrid Vehicle Battery Packs
I will try to follow this thread and answer any other questions anyone has or please feel free to contact me directly.
A little off topic but I wanted to ask if you think the older, NHW11 modules are worth refurbishing?

Near as I can tell the "O" ring around the B+ terminal deteriorates, probably from heat, and this allows out-gassing and loss of water from the electrolyte. Although distilled water can be added to these modules and their original capacity returned, I've not found a practical way to reseal the B+ terminal. The Toyota 'sealing' gunk does not impress me. Do you see a practical way to seal the B+ terminals of the older NHW11 modules?

What sort of Ahr capacity are you finding in the NHW20 modules when they come in?

Does discharge-charge cycling restore capacity in the NHW20 modules?

The reason I ask is I do not see a restoration of capacity to the NHW11 modules without adding water. But once the electrolyte is rehydrated, cycling the older modules brings their capacity back (actually a little more than 6.5 Ahr.)

If you have some low capacity, NHW20 modules that defy restoration of capacity, not dead cell but lost capacity, I would be interested in getting some for refurbishment experimentation.

One pattern I'd noticed at "Prius Technical Stuff" is a tendency for traction battery failures to occur in hilly and hot areas. Have you noticed any service area patterns from customers with failed traction batteries?

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