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Originally Posted by Funny View Post
I think this sounds familiar to the way that Olympic divers part the water
with their palms, so they leave almost no splash...
Brilliant, someone needs to make a concept out of Poly Carbonate right away!
That would seem to be a good analogy.

I posted this "theory" only after a lot of thought. As an idea has a lot of
attractiveness. However, for use on the road in the real world, it has a lot of
practical problems. And I'm sure that the pure aerodynamicist members are
rolling on the floor. If they can catch their breath, I'd like to hear what they
have to say.

I can only imagine how your local law enforcement would react.

Conceptually, this idea would fit nicely into the generally accepted idea that
more can be gained aerodynamically by looking at the front of the car than
at the rear. The current thread on the Geo Metro boat tail is a masterful
implementation of theories to clean up airflow at the rear, to the tune of
about 15% drag reduction.

Now, what if, just what if the same or greater gains could be made at the
front end? Would it work? We'll never know until someone tries it.

I find it interesting that Geo boat tail extends backwards about the same
distance that the plate would extend forward. Come to think of it, this
"leading plate" is sort of like the boat tail, only without the sides.
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