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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
The VX is a fun car, want to make it feel sporty? just down shift, otherwise you should be getting 50mpg, the two biggest killers of these cars is rust around the wheel wells and teenagers who want to pretend they own a race car.
I'm on my 2nd vx, they are great, partly because they are so cheap to own, nothing brakes down and you can fit all kinds of junk in them.
Most common problems that people seem to have is the O2 sensor going bad, search a little online and you can get them cheap otherwise auto part stores charge around $350 last I checked.
these cars also are a bit fussy about air intake and exhaust, between the two vx's that I have owned I've replaced alot of the parts for both of them and found that stock parts makes the engine happiest, also if you can get exhaust parts from a dealer they carry a life time warranty for as long as you own the car.
The other oddity is the car does not have a PCV valve, just the hose and joints but no valve, however under the intake is a grommet where the pcv hose goes into the block that drys out and creates a vacuum leak that makes the idle bounce, a few bucks and someone with small hands is all it takes to fix idle bounce.

yea that dam five wire o2 sensor or something like that killed my wallet lol. then later when the check engine light gone i felt better and saved gas. the dealer got lifetime warranty thanks i will go check that out next time i go to hunting for parts lol.

The PCV valve don't got valve how do you fix it?
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