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Showing off at the library was fun.

Found another good reason not to ride motorcycles at night though. DEER!

Had one run right in front of me on the ride home!!!!!

Anyways, round trip was exactly 5 miles. According to the Killawatt, I used .57 KWH of energy to go back into the battery. My cost of energy including tax and renewable energy surcharge comes to 11 cents per kilowatt hour.

That means it cost me 6.27 cents to ride to the Library and back.

Based on current price of gas, that's about ten times less than it would have cost to drive my car the same distance. More actually, because I get below average fuel economy with a cold engine only going 2.5 miles each way.

Although if I create an artificial "MPG" based on cost of gasoline vs electricity, this last runs comes to 263 MPG. I will have to check the brake, it was dragging a bit.

Calculations make the cycle's last run come to 114 watt-hours per mile.

Doing the math to kilowatt hours to BTUs to a gallon of gasoline (I was using 125,000 BTUs to gal of gas) comes to 321 eMPG!

Anyways, even if the cycle got terrible economy, it's still a blast to ride!

PS: after entering this last charge, I had to change my signature banner from the Dodge to the Cycle. That way I get Hypermiler status! Guess I just have to ride the cycle a lot more!!!
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