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Getting BETTER Mileage
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I am planning on unpluggin the cam sensor with the engine running and see what happens. If this kills it, well, I'm going to put a N.C. pushbutton to kill it. I'm not sold as to where to mount it, of if I just want a toggle switch. Around here there are ALOT of long hills (I can coast for over 2 mi on one hill in particular) It'd be nice to just kill the ignition.

I am also thinking of a push button start. Best I understand all I need to do is trigger the solenoid on the starter correct? Killing the radio gets really annoying, so much so I rarely kill the car. If the ignition is in 'run' and 0 RPM engine off, and I hit the starer it should fire right up... Right? Guess I can test this too. Just needs to warm up already!
- Greg
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