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Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
Here (near the city) they won't even try that nonsense. Yellow means 'proceed with caution". "Caution" is a subjective term.

Unless they can prove you sped up (radar?) that charge won't stick in court.
I'm going to assume you don't have much experience with traffic citations in/around the 5 boroughs?

How exactly do you think they can ticket you for running a stop sign? They saw you do it, and that's all it takes. Officers are sworn for a reason.

The above is not true at all, and I know this because I used to live in Manhattan, and gave up my car because walking is faster. The first time I went to court for a yellow-ticket was living in Manhattan, 18 years old. The burden of proof is on the defendant. The cop has already proven that you were involved simply by issuing the ticket and by you showing up, and that's no joke.

The last time I got stopped anywhere near NYC, I was cited by an officer on foot for running a red light. He gave me a ticket for failure to heed traffic warning devices, which I subsequently was not ordered to pay, but the fact that traffic moved so slowly that he walked to my car to issue the ticket was enough to tell me that I shouldn't be driving in the city.
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