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Originally Posted by Dave's Civic Duty View Post
Dude you must be a bodyman! You do amazing work. Thanks for sharing the secrets of a true Ecomodder!

ive only had 1 semester of autobody. my instuctor said something like that to me too. all you need are GOOD hands to feel.

Originally Posted by Jethro View Post
Looks Great! I'm still trying to see if there is a good not cost prohibitive way of welding plastics together. I'd really like to just fill in my stock foglight holes, along with most of the lower grill opening.
ive done plastic welding before. you just need it to be super reinforced by having a metal mesh melted onto the backside(unseen) part of the bumper or by some other means. it just doesn't hold as well. plus the equipment is so much more expensive than what i needed for this project.


im working on a mirror delete with an oem look. just about done
how to.....

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