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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
I'm thinking about joining the kill-switch crowd (Christ will call me a follower ), so I asked on my local Peugeot forum how to kill the engine w/o fooling around with the key in the ignition. Someone mentioned the camshaft position sensor and after googling I see that's the way many ecomodders went. So I ask the Peugeot guys where to look for that sensor and its wires in my engine (1.6HDi) and guess what? I get about 10 answers, none of them helpful "Why do you want to kill the engine?" "Oh that may be hard." "Some cars can be stopped and started with a remote control. I have one of those setups. If anyone is interested, drop me a PM." etc. Kinda PI$$ED me off.

So even though this site doesn't specialize in HDi turbodiesels, the users are much more friendly and helpful That's why I ask: Does anyone have any idea where to look for my camshaft sensor's wires? Do you think I'll have to take the engine apart to find them? I've looked for (and asked for) wiring diagrams for my engine, but it seems to be too new, I can only find specs for the older units. Any help will be appreciated.

Do you happen to own a repair manual? It should have a wiring diagram that will show you where the wire is. All my diesel time is on cars w/o electronics in the injection system, so I can't help you with the cam sensor location. You might see if there is an optical sensor near the camshaft pulley, or find a mechanic at the Peugeot dealer who will tell you.
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