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Originally Posted by theycallmeebryan View Post
Ninja 250 Value Calculator

Heres a value tool you can use. 20k miles on a 1994 says 600$ in good condition (no damage).

If the bike has 20k miles, that means it just passed over a scheduled maintenance period.... Refer to this page for the maintenance sched, and make sure the owner had it done.

Service Schedule - Ninja250Wiki

All the things on that chart should have been addressed.

Also, refer to this page for a full guide on how to assess a used motorcycle.
Used Motorcycle Evaluation Guide

Looking forward to helping you achieve the same fuel economy i am seeing with my Ninja 250!
Someone must be another member wonderful info, love seeing that stuff passed on!

And if you take care of that 250 it'll last you for many, many, many years to come!
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