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That response is sure all over the place. He says that RR makes almost no difference to MPG (HA!) and then goes on to say that inflation pressures make a big difference in MPG.??!?

Most Nokians are LRR. I have WRG2 on my Prius and they are excellent. The i3s and the H are both LRR, the H being the lower. They use a silica/canola oil compound. The H also recently won a European auto club test. Also they are non toxic since 2004. All this and cheaper than Michelins.

They used to have an NRT2 tire with a measured RR of .0085. It came in #2 in the green seal report if I remember correctly. Don't know what their tires measure in at now but I bet they are similar. I looked at the B381 but the traction rating of B is just not good enough to justify the .0065 RR

You can get them at tire factory.
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